What is a Storefront?

Frame Less Storefront Installation Toronto

A storefront or shopfront is the entrance or entryway of a retail store, shop, service center or any other business location located on the walk-way or street level of a commercial property.

Containing one or more Aluminum or Glass Window, one hand the storefront protects the property from the outside environment and weather parameters and on the other hand provides consumer visual and informative attractions.

A retail storefront normally faces a street and contains one or more display windows and generally it’s located at the front side of the retail or store. In case of industrial or warehouse properties, storefront may refer to a different type of structure and design concept.

Storefronts are one of the most well-known glazing retail presentation systems around the world, generally consist of an Aluminum Frame Platform and Commercial Glass Panels or infills.

When it comes to the Storefront Window Glass, there are multiple available options in the market right now:

  • ?Clear glass
  • ?Frosted glass
  • ?tinted glass
  • ?Tempered glass
  • ?Security glass
  • ?Safety glass
  • ?Laminated glass
  • ?Insulated glass
  • ?Coated and tinted glass
  • ?Flat glass
  • ?Wired glass
  • ?Plexiglass
  • ?Spandrel glass
  • ?Soda lime glass
  • ?Transparent glass
  • ?Commercial stained glass

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