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Emergency Boardup Richmond Hill, ON

24 Hour Residential & Commercial Emergency Board-Up

We can help minimize property loss by securing your damaged building. You can expect Fast response and Careful installation from our board-up services at Global Glass & Aluminum.

A natural disaster can leave your building open and vulnerable to vandalism, theft and undesirable entry. So can a vehicle crash that creates an unexpected opening. Quick action is important, and it often needs to happen outside of normal business hours. That’s no problem for Global Glass & Aluminum. Our crews are available 24/7. We’ll answer your call and get to work right away.

Speedy, but not sloppy or careless!

Our response crews are speedy, but they’re not sloppy or careless. When we board up a building that is likely to be restored and returned to service, we take care to minimize damage to siding, trim and other building elements that may be restored or reused.

Window Replacement & Installation Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Board Up Service Breakdown:

  • 24/7 Emergency Board Up Services
  • Temporary Board-Up
  • Residential Board Up
  • Commercial Board Up
  • Retail Board Up
  • Warehouse Board Up
  • Window Board-Up
  • Door Board-Up
  • Plywood Temporary Board-Up
  • Window Emergency Board Up
  • Glass Temporary Board-Up
  • Animal Damage Preventive Board-Up
  • Storm Damage Board Up
  • Fire Damage Board Up
  • Property Vacancy Board Up
  • Preventative Property Board Up
  • Vacant Property Board Up
  • Foreclosed Property Board Up
  • Industrial Place Board Up
  • Store Front Emergency Board UP

Glass that is cracked or completely broken should always be replaced, regardless of its age. Broken glass leaves your family vulnerable to injury and can cause damage to your home or your belongings. Oftentimes, broken glass panes can be easily replaced without replacing the window frame itself.

Glass replacement is easy, fast, and can dramatically change the security, comfort, and appearance of your commercial space. If you have questions about our commercial glass services in GTA, we can provide the personalized answers you need—you can reach Global Glass & Aluminum today.

The Customer Comes First. Often, when we get a call it’s for a stuck sliding glass door or a cracked storefront. The customer wonders whether he should repair or replace the offending glass item. Our technicians can help you decide whether it’s worth it to attempt to fix a broken glass door or window or whether a replacement is in order.

Our Richmond Hill Board-UP Sample of Work

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