What is a Curtain Wall?

Curtain Wall Storefront Installation Toronto, ON

A curtain wall is an outdoor entrance covering facility which can be installed on non-structural building walls for a better ventilation control, air flow control, windw protection, heave or large size item moving in and out and obviously for property protection.
To reduce the cost, curtain walls can be made from lightweight materials including but not limited to Glass, Louvres, Vents, Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), Stone veneer, Spandrel Glass, Vision Glass, Aluminum and Vinyl materials.
There are multiple curtain wall systems available in the market, including but not limited to:

  • ? Stick Curtain Wall
  • ? Ladder Curtain Wall
  • ? Unitized Curtain Wall
  • ? Rainscreen Curtain Wall
  • ? Face-Sealed Curtain Wall
  • ? Water-Managed Curtain Wall
  • ? Pressure-Equalized Curtain Wall

To complete the structure of a Curtain Wall, special pannels should be inserted between mullions. Panels are normally made with Fabric veneer, Stone veneer, Glass or any other required metal product.

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